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Helo everyone how I missed scribbling up here! Today I decided to share with you how I’m doing with my French lessons, This is pretty embarrassing but learning a foreign language is not a simple walk in the park so I am proud of the progress I have made, two months ago I couldn’t pronounce almost every word but look at me now lol!

Please subscribe to my youtube journey to follow on my adventure and if you are also learning french and need a study buddy just send me a message and we can do this together! Also if you already speak French and have some spare time please do assist me from time to time I would really appreciate that!

LOVE. Gigi!




So! my sister Kate has been doing a jump rope challenge and says she feels absolutely amazing! After 11 days of excuses and hearing her say how amazing she feels each day!I have decided to take the challenge!

Something kept telling me to just wait till 1st october to start but that mentality of “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll start on monday” is one of the biggest reason I’m not fit!. I believe challenges should not wait for the beginning of the month or week, we should start immediately!

So I will be doing this and another very fun challenge called the ‘spell your name and do the work out challenge”. I hope you will join me coz 30 days from today we will wish we had done this sooner!

So lets do this!





Some people have a challenging way of reacting when others go against THE NORM I have learnt that the tough way every time someone asks me why I stopped eating meat. You see usually I keep away from discussing ‘out of the norm’ topics because It is sooo energy draining and just gets me worked up, but when I stopped eating meat well not just meat but eggs and dairy products all together I seem to be sucked into these fiery discussions on a regular basis!


I stopped eating meat and all other animal products due to HEALTH reasons, I have been obese/ morbidly obese all my life that it caught up to me! I have been damaging my body for 26  years, my heart beat started acting funny I was diagnosed with arthritis my joints were killing me! I reached a point in my life that i was taking pills daily for the arthritis pain and stomach acid for peptic ulcers caused by the pills for arthritis! it was just a mess!


So I weighed my options and decided eating a full plant based diet will help improve my health significantly, I didn’t need the years in med school to realize that, there is plenty of information online about that topic, so I immediately stopped eating meat eggs and all dairy products although they were the BIGGEST part of my diet since I was a little kid!.


4 months into my new lifestyle I feel amazing! and I stopped taking pills within the 1st month, I have neither joint nor peptic ulcer pains maybe a tiny bit on some bad days, I feel great body and mind wise.

PLANTS ARE HEALTHY! everybody knows that, and my ultimate goals is to be healthy defy time and grow younger! so this is a one way road for me.


PHOTO COURTESY: ww.rabinsxp.com

This life choice works very well for me, and I will write in detail of its benefits for me and many other people in the world in another post. If you have any questions about how it is to eat a plant based diet especially, or if you need someone to share your experiences with you can send me an email or contact me through my facebook page we will help each others out!

And if you are wondering how meat is not good for your health just go through this great post which shows in details and some research proof on 100 SCIENTIFIC REASONS TO NOT EAT MEAT.



Till next post!






So people argue about this a lot, because some believe that it is possible while others highly disagree, me? I am with the ones who disagree, thats just my opinion! Before we go on further lets remember what love at first sight actually means:

Falling in love with someone the moment you first set eyes on them, yap! like lightning!, you know nothing about that person apart from just two things! how they look and what they are doing at that particular moment, this person has beliefs and values that you have no idea about and has never taken part in any part of your life that could possibly make you develop an idea or feeling of emotion and attachment towards them.

I think there is an element of fiction in this topic, because when you have nothing apart from external looks most people tend to create an opinion about someone a.k.a IMAGINING how a person is, we then recreate that person into our own episode of a telenovela a fantasy version which I believe may lead to love like feelings while the person may most likely be nothing like that. Sounds familiar to something?

YES A CRUSH, I think love at first sight is a crush, because it depends entirely on visual stimulation while love requires deep feelings like attachment and caring about someone so deeply you could just jump in front of a train and get into a burning club with a gunman for them. I do however believe that in some God-sent/ miraculous/lucky/meant-to-be  scenarios  A CRUSH CAN DEVELOP INTO LOVE after some TIME of being together, knowing one another and developing legitimate solid feelings. That is why there are some love birds out there who have been together in love for many years and they swear they loved one another from the first day they set eyes on one another!.

And like a crush love at first sight tends to be temporary because at first you just see the good things about that person since we all act better in public! we don’t show our clutches just like that now do we? exactly we hide and act our best in front of strangers, we even dress better than usual when we go out in public,so a few weeks/moths down the road you realize you can absolutely NOT survive being with this person you just can’t stand them! coz the truth always prevails and alas he/she is into dark magic while you grew up  a roman catholic alter boy just some mess like that! or a little less dramatic lol!

And lets not forget LUST! very much confused with love but sounds very similar to this stuff since it also depends much on external appearance to arouse a strong sexual desire towards someone.

According to research men say they experience love at first sight more frequently than women, reason is because men are very visual creatures I believe this completely, different from most women whereby they can be attracted to a man but not fall in love early on since they require more than the outer appearance to feel love, complicated huh?

So that is my opinion, for the people who believe in love at first sight I respect that! Faith can move mountains and miracles do happen. As for you, what is your opinion? do you believe in love at first sight? did it work for you?

Till the next post!

lOVE, Gigi!.




So what do you think? some people do believe that this one is a fiction but you guessed it right! this one is a


Scientifically women do get drunk faster than men, after drinking the same amount of alcohol a woman’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) gets higher than a man’s even if they are of the same weight, here are the reasons why.

  1.   Less body water: water makes about 51% of female bodies while it makes about 61% of males bodies, because of this women’s bodies have less water to dilute the alcohol leading them to have higher blood alcohol levels than men of the same weight who have more water for dilution.
  2. Higher body fat proportion: as you may already know female bodies tend to have more fat than muscle while male bodies are the opposite, they tend to contain more muscle than fat, this is significant because alcohol can not be dissolved in fat, therefore it accumulates in women’s body fluids more comparing to mens’.
  3. Less alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme: present in the stomach and the liver this is a group of enzymes that break down alcohol to stop its toxicity to the body i.e it helps to get rid of the alcohol so we don’t feel its effects like being drunk.                                      -Since women have a lower mount of this enzyme more alcohol will be allowed to enter the blood stream thus raising the blood alcohol level.
  4. Hormonal differences: Some hormones in women affect alcohol metabolism(breakdown), for example women tend to get drunk faster 1-2 weeks before their menstrual period starts (pre-menstrual period) due to the changes is hormone levels that takes place during that time.

–  These hormones affect the breakdown of alcohol and thus leading to higher                        concentrations in the blood.

As a result of what we have discussed above You must already know that it is a proven fact that



Here is an AWESOME article by the National institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (that shows in depth how women are more vulnerable to alcohol induced diseases than men

Till the next fact or fiction post,

Drink responsibly!

Love, Gigi.



I only have 3 years and 5 months to go so without wasting any time lets jump to this!




Oh how I would love to travel to EUROPE! 1st stop Paris, FRANCE! I absolutely love the french language and culture in general, I love it so much that recently I learn the language on a daily basis. If I will ever get an opportunity to study, live or work there I will probably faint for joy lol!



This one deserves a whole separate post, because I get a lot of questions as to why I’m learning french currently, so I will definitely publish one very soon and will most likely start a series on my lessons and progress. I only speak swahili and English fluently My goal is to master french and spanish in about 4 years time and be quadrlilingual, I already know a small amount of spanish for I had learnt a bit a few years ago and can understand and express myself to some degree so it will not be too hard to start afresh after I master french.




While some people may be satisfied with one source of income most likely their careers they went to school for, I like for me that isn’t the case because I have other skills that I am passionate about and are profitable. In the context of my dream to travel around Europe I guess I may need to do more than just be a Medical doctor lol! No, but really I’ve always wanted to own a very successful business and I’ll have to start working on it sooner than later right?


I am a true Aquarius, I just love independence and with financial stability that will be a huge load off my shoulder. I would also love to have some money saved as an emergency fund because anything can happen so a backup plan like this is always a great move to solidify financial security.



I’m glad that I already have started this journey and am very proud of myself in terms of health progress HOWEVER for the fitness part? umhhhh…not quite there yet!. One of the things I always say is I want to look better as I get older you know, like wine! I want to be a fit mommy and everything! I am going to attain the best shape of my life before I turn 30 and thats a fact, after starting a plant based lifestyle 4 months ago I feel absolutely amazing, complimenting that with a solid fitness routine I believe that this goal will be attained sooner than later!.



Writing comes very naturally to me, I love it and enjoy it a lot for as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to do this but never made an attempt. Its definitely time to put all those book ideas to life and I know after I publish the first one many others will follow.


Lately I have just been reading a few novels on sale at a near supermarket and have been feeling some type of way!, I have never read those great inspirational books or the life/career/goals guides books that are are amazing informational and very challenging to the mind. Those are the kinds of books I want to start reading, doesn’t mean that I’ll stop buying novels just incorporate a lot of those other ones.



I believe it is a special thing to be able to give back to the community, it doesn’t have to be a lot even volunteering to help with some work or on events can make a difference.



Okay so I have already missed a huge concert by my favorite band ever! But I believe there are so many more concerts to come for these guys are a force to be reckoned with, I just LOVE SAUTI-SOL!! The best present to me would probably be a ticket to their concert, in Nairobi. Actually I think its high time I start saving for a holiday in Nairobi during their next big concert whenever that would be (I would definitely know when coz I stalk all of them on social media and their website! lol!)


I will be smiling throughout the test drive but when I own I will probably be crying every time I drive! I can never pick which one especially because they all look kind of look the same to me when they speed off past me on the road lol!.



Ah oui hein!! all in the spirit of networking and promoting my work while connecting with different people,experiencing something new and having fun doing it!.

This list makes just a part of my goals before 30 there are many more goals which I will keep posting! Now I know these may look overwhelming to some people but not to me, I believe in setting big goals and striving to making ones dreams come true!


I do come across people who tell me my dreams are too big or too many and I wont be able to accomplish all of them, REALLY? I’m a Christian and I haven’t come across any part of the Bible that says I can’t do things I put my mind to, rather that I am powerful and I can do anything!. So I just let them discuss what I can and can’t do while I’m off working on my goals.


Unless someone can get into your head and see how your mind works, how much passion and potential you have and what are your plans for YOUR future then no one should tell you that you can’t reach your goals!, no one should stop you nor shame you!.


One day I will write a post about each goal on this post and how I achieved it!